Celebrate Lohri with Nicepackaging Hamper & Small Gift Box

Lohri is one of the most popular harvest festivals celebrated in North India, especially in Punjab. It marks the end of the winter season and the beginning of longer days as the sun changes its course moving northwards.

The festival is celebrated on January 13 every year, the day before Makar Sankranti. Lohri holds great significance for farmers as it marks the end of the sowing season and harvest of rabi crops.

The festival gets its name from the ‘lohri’ fire that forms an integral part of the celebrations. Families gather around a bonfire in the evening, throw foodgrains, peanuts and sesame seeds into it as an offering, sing traditional folk songs, and feast on festive delicacies.

Lohri also celebrates fertility and the spark of life. Newly married couples wish for prosperity and newly born babies are showered with love and gifts. The first Lohri of a new bride and a new born baby holds special importance.

For many, Lohri signifies the harvesting of rabi crops and onset of spring ending the harsh winter. The festival fosters a spirit of togetherness as people gather to celebrate, enjoy festive food and mark an important seasonal change.

Lohri Gifts

Lohri is traditionally associated with giving and receiving gifts as part of the festivities. Some of the most common Lohri gifts include:

  • Sesame seeds - Sesame seeds, also known as 'til', hold a special significance in Lohri as they are seen as a symbol of prosperity. Giving sesame sweets like til ladoo or chikki is considered auspicious.
  • Jaggery - Jaggery, or 'gur', is another important Lohri element. Made from sugarcane juice, jaggery represents the sweetness of life. Gifting food items made with jaggery like gajak is common.
  • Popcorn - Popcorn, known as 'makki' in Punjabi, is a favorite Lohri snack. Giving freshly popped makki or popcorn related sweets as Lohri gifts is a tasty tradition.
  • Fruits - Fruits like banana, apple, orange are common Lohri gifts for their significance in winter harvest festivals. They can be gifted as is or as part of a fruit basket.
  • Sweets - Indian sweets like laddoo, barfi, halwa, etc. make delightful Lohri gift items. They are often made with sesame, jaggery or other Lohri symbols.
  • Dry Fruits - Dry fruits like almonds, peanuts, pistachios are nutritious Lohri gifts. They can be gifted in decorative boxes or as part of sweet and savory mixes.

Giving Lohri gifts is a heartwarming way to share prosperity and sweetness with loved ones for the festive new year. Traditional items like sesame, jaggery, popcorn and sweets make both thoughtful and auspicious Lohri presents.

Lohri Gift Ideas

Lohri is the perfect time to express love and appreciation by gifting your family and friends. Here are some meaningful and unique Lohri gift ideas to make the festival extra special:

Gift Hampers

  • A festive gift hamper filled with traditional Lohri sweets like gajak, rewri, moongfali, and more is sure to delight. Include other treats like assorted dry fruits, roasted peanuts, etc.
  • For a premium gift, create a luxury hamper with premium sweets, an assortment of dry fruits, specialty regional food items, homemade Lohri decorations, etc. Pack it all beautifully in a cane basket or wood box.

Gift Boxes

  • A beautifully packaged gift box of sweets like til ladoos, gajak, rewri, etc. makes a wonderful Lohri gift. Choose colorful prints and packaging.
  • Gift traditional namkeens like moongfali, makhana, etc in a lovely metallic box or jar.


  • A selection of traditional Lohri sweets like til ladoos, gajak, and rewri sweetened with gur and nuts is always a hit.
  • Opt for premium mithai options like pistachio barfi, Kaju Katli, etc for a classy gift.
  • Gift packs of chikki in flavors like peanuts, sesame, coconut, etc make delicious Lohri gifts.

Dry Fruits

  • Assorted dry fruits make healthy, tasty Lohri gifts. Choose from almonds, pistachios, cashews, walnuts, raisins and apricots.
  • Opt for premium varieties like mamra almonds, figs, cranberries, etc.
  • Roast and salt peanuts, moongfali and makhana for yummy namkeen gifts.

Lohri Gift Packaging

Lohri is the perfect occasion to get creative with gift packaging! Rather than just handing over a gift, take the time to wrap and present it in a fun, memorable way. Some creative packaging ideas for Lohri gifts include:

  • Jars - Fill jars with sweets, snacks, or homemade treats and tie colorful fabric around the lid. Decorative jars make great add-ons to gift baskets or hampers.
  • Boxes - Use colorful printed boxes or wooden crates to hold gift items. Wrap with twine or jute rope and embellish with natural elements like pinecones, cinnamon sticks, or dried orange slices.
  • Bags - muslin, burlap, or cotton drawstring bags stuffed with goodies make excellent Lohri gifts. Get creative with different sizes and fabrics.
  • Baskets - Wicker or seagrass baskets overflowing with festive treats, savory snacks, or other surprises are always appreciated.
  • Gift hampers - Pack a thematic hamper around Lohri traditions. Include sweets, savories, winter delicacies, natural decor elements, and anything associated with Lohri.

The packaging and presentation of your Lohri gifts can be just as special as the gift itself. Take the time to thoughtfully package each gift. The extra effort shows how much you care. Explore different materials, textures, colors and decorative elements to make each gift joyful and celebratory for the holiday.